Tuesday, 19 May 2015

n e w . d e s i g n s

here are some new block-printed cards i've been working on.
i had a sudden urge to make some brand new designs for my lovely stockist 'made in stroud'.
these have also been added to my on-line shop on etsy which i've just re-opened.
i hope you like them. it feels good to finally have some new and fresh designs!

Friday, 1 May 2015

c r a f t s e l l e r

a few months back i was contacted by the brilliant craftseller magazine to talk about which of my tools is important to me.
here i am in issue 48 (april 2015) with a few words about my small ink rollers :)
i'm now famous hehe! x

n e w . y e a r

 my poor neglected blog! 
well i have a good excuse for that; the birth of my baby boy!
little ethan arrived back in january, on the exact same day as my birthday! the best birthday present ever! it's such a wonderful time having a new member in the family and big sister isla absolutely adores her little brother. it's very heart warming seeing them together, he smiles and gurgles at her too.
already he is just over 3 months old, the time has really flown by and i can't quite believe it is may!
now he's a bit bigger we are getting into more of a routine with him and with isla. at times it has been tough, obviously its tough having a new born, sleepless nights and what not but he's also been suffering with reflux problems which we never encountered before, with isla she fed and slept really well and by 8 weeks old she was only having one feed during the night. ethan on the other hand, although he is a happy little fellow, he's hungry a lot of the time especially as he brings most of it back up after some (not all) feeds. hoping it's just a phase we are at with him. he's out grown his crib so he's definitely getting bigger ;) with all the juggling of family life i've also been able to do a spot of printing, 'me time' a few weeks ago was sleep but my energy levels some days are better, so i have found printing more appealing than sleep-don't ask? i'm superwoman right?? ha! 
it's felt really good to get creative again with my blockprinting, a bit here and there when my little ones let me ;)
happy days x

Thursday, 4 December 2014

s t u f f e d . m u s h r o o m s

freshly stuffed mushrooms
with a hint of lavender.

these cute toadstool decorations are another pressie idea for a child's nursery and bedroom.

handprinted in red and grey.
they have been stuffed with hollowfibre filling and when you sniff their happy little faces you'll smell a hint of lavender.

s t a r . c u s h i o n

after such a positive response to my 'moon cushion' design, i was inspired to create another round pillow for little ones' nursery and bedroom. it was a trip in the car when the song "yellow" by coldplay came on the radio and that was it, i had to use the lyrics from that fab song! i already had a star design in my head but i was stuck on what words to carve into it. so that was perfect when those words hit my ears! - 
"look at the stars look how they shine for you." 

i had my little helper join in with some handprinting :)
the design is blockprinted in mustard yellow & light teal.
they are available from my etsy and folksy shops (click on the links to my online shops)

Saturday, 11 October 2014

m o o n . c u s h i o n

inspired by the words in isla's current favourite nightime read "goodnight tractor" by michelle robinson.
"the stars are out it's time for bed so say goodnight my sleepy head."

i had a little go at some embroidery recently, making some things to hang up on the walls of isla's new bedroom (once we move her in there!) this design being one of them. 
once finished, i decided to try blockprinting the same design (with added heart) onto some natural cotton fabric.
thanks to my blogging and instagram buddy, jax who came up with the idea of making them into moon cushions! - and here they are, little round moon cushions. 
handprinted in pink, blue and lilac.
perfect for little ones' nurseries or bedrooms.

now in my etsy and folksy shops.

Monday, 6 October 2014

c l o u d . c u s h i o n s

hit with a sudden burst of inspiration to get carving, printing and making, i made some new cushions in the shape of happy, fluffy clouds.
maybe it's because i'm expecting again that thoughts have turned to designing and making for little ones. 
this time nearly two years ago, when i was carrying my first (i nearly wrote this time last year!) i made the 'dream cloud lampshade' so it's all turned cloud shaped again!

with the expected new addition to arrive with us early in the new year, we are now planning to move our little isla out of her little nursery into her new, i like to call it, 'big girl room'. i've yet to move all of my studio things elsewhere, so lots to shift like desks and boxes of materials first then it's the big job of decorating.
i've been pinning lots of room idea's and have the layout clearly mapped out in my head. only the repainting, carpeting etc to do! ha!
i've even found myself doing a spot of embroidery artwork to hang up in her new room. 
i just hope she will like the big move down the landing into the big bedroom. i will keep you posted on the room transformation...now where are all my blocks, ink and fabric going to live?...

new cloud cushions can be found here x