Saturday, 4 June 2016

e u c a l y p t u s

New block-printed drums inspired by the leafy green eucalyptus plant.
They are now available to purchase via the 'Not On The High Street' market place.
All shades are made to order so if you require a ceiling or lampshade in a certain colour way to compliment your home interior, please feel free to get in touch.
Available with free UK shipping. x

l o g o

New branding has arrived - I'm so happy with my new logo and business stationery.
After many happy years of being 'hanmade' (a fun play on words!) I felt I needed a revamp, to simply explain that I primarily do printmaking - so this is me now.
With a huge helping hand to the wonderful & creative Nicola Moorhouse of 'Studio In The Attic'. Nicki worked her magic on my block-printed agapanthus design and created me a bold and beautiful logo and business cards. 
Feels a bit like a new chapter with fresh new designs on the horizon. x

Friday, 8 January 2016

s n o w d r o p s

it's early january and i'm already longing for spring.
so with that on my mind i've printed some notelet cards using one of my favourite printing blocks i carved/designed a few years ago - snowdrops.
this time i've simply printed in a different repeat pattern.

these are available in packs of three cards and can now be found on my etsy shop & not on the high street.

Monday, 4 January 2016

h o n e s t y

happy new year! hope you survived christmas?! a crazy house move just before christmas and the dreaded lurgy shortly after for us here, we feel we could do with another holiday! we are currently shifting and sorting through stuff, stuff and more stuff. loudly coughing, blowing each others noses and distracting ourselves with so much play-doh, but we are still ploughing on...just.
i think the children are much tougher than us, they seem to be moaning less than us adults. ha!

with the arrival of a fresh new year, it feels good to have re-opened my on-line shops and to have added some new things. 
here's a new large 45 cm ceiling / lampshade design inspired by the beautiful, delicate plant honesty. 
this plant conjures happy memories for me as a child-my lovely mum bringing me a vase full for my bedroom windowsill. so whenever i see them as the silvery seed pod, almost paper like form, i think of my wonderful mum.  

this larger shade size is available in my other designs with other colour choices available on request - commissions welcome and free shipping!

Friday, 4 December 2015

m i s t l e t o e

with thoughts turning to the big event this month - finally a new festive design popped into my head. nothing quite like a mad dash of last minute carving and printing! 
(please excuse the lame mistletoe sprig in the background! our apple trees are covered in the stuff by typically the best berry branches are right at the very top! no ladder tall enough to grab and you really won't catch me tree climbing. maybe i could send up one of the little'uns...)

'mistletoe' original block-printed christmas cards are now in my on-line shops 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

s h e p h e r d 's . p u r s e

in between printing and making light shades i've been sketching and carving some new designs.
this is my latest work inspired by the plant called 'shepherd's purse'. 

now available from 'not on the high street'.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

n o t h s

i'm very happy to announce that hanmade is now part of the UK's unique and exciting market place - 'not on the high street' !
my store is now 'live' & open! please feel free to hop over and have a browse  hanmadebyhannahmadden