Wednesday, 5 March 2014

w o o d p e c k e r s

while sorting and clearing out my workspace i came across my woodpecker designs which i made a few years back. i completely forgot i had printed them. 

i originally printed the birds in black ink onto some printing paper but these artworks are printed onto natural cotton fabric in 3 colours using 3 separate blocks. 

so they have been rescued from my drawer! cut down to a standard frame size of 8" x 6" and finished off with a cream coloured mount.

they are a limited edition artwork of just 10 in this colour way.
now in my etsy shop (at long last!)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

h e l l o . m a r c h

hello march and hello sunshine!

wow! what a gorgeous day the first of march was! bright blue skies and warm sunshine!
as the weather was so brilliant yesterday we headed for the beach. isla got to try out her new wellies :)) we visited the beautiful lulworth cove (not a local place to us mind, but we were visiting the area) it's not exactly buggy friendly so we didn't do the coastal paths but we did get to the shore where isla had a blast experiencing waddling on sand and pebbles for the very first time - she loved it. we couldn't get her back in the buggy after that! once she got the hang of it, she was off!
she even chose a pebble to take home (she's clutching it in her hand in the last pic hehe)
 i think i will have to paint a little something on there for her to jog our memories in years to come of our wonderful time there.

it's such a lovely feeling to be entering the springtime isn't it. *sigh*

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

g a r d e n . b i r d s

grey green

light wedgewood blue

grey lemon and pink

this social media networking is pretty awesome isn't it?!
i finished carving this blockprint of mine recently - a group of garden birds.
however, when it came to choosing a colour to print in, i was completely stumped! 
as a test print i went for a bright green then a bold royal blue but it didn't really work for me. so i turned to my facebook followers for some inky help on this!
as you guys know, facebook is a pretty instant tool for asking questions and getting feedback.
it really helped & opened up ideas on which direction to go in. 

so these are the 3 colours i've rollered on and gone with :))
 : light wedgewood blue
 : grey with lemon & pink rolled through 
: grey-green 

a big thank you to lisa & kiran for your colour suggestion and input with this!

new : 'garden birds' original blockprint
now available from my etsy shop
with free p+p! 

han x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

s t r i n g . o f . p e a r l s

 {above images found via pinterest}

this block print of mine was inspired by the lovely bright green, trailing succulent plant; 'string of pearls' .

i carried on with carving a bit more of my printing block so i could use it as a repeat pattern, joining it up side by side and top to bottom for printing onto fabric to make ceiling and lampshades with. however, i'm still playing around with layout as it doesn't quite line up top and bottom as i'd liked. i was going to keep carving away but after kind feedback on here and on my instagram feed i didn't want to change it too much! so put down my tools! 
i didn't consider the design to be a print on it's own; one to frame and hang on the wall. i guess after concentrating my ideas to handprinting mainly cards and lampshades i forgot about seeing my work simply as a print or piece of artwork.

i hope to add these open edition block prints 'string of pearls' to my online etsy shop very soon!
crikey, i also hope that you like it!

han x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

t h e . s i m p l e . t h i n g s

i'm not green fingered in the slightest. i love flowers and plants but i have absolutely no idea when it comes to gardening.
i love house plants too but they don't seem to like me! so i'm trying again with 'easy to look after' plants like succulents and pretty leafy ones like oxalis triangularis (get me!) and this little teeny's name? i have no idea ;0) 
i've dug out some old empty tins and pots from the shed so i'm hoping to get stuck in with some more planting or is it potting? this weekend.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

c a r v i n g . o u t

while little one sleeps..

: a work in progress : 
i've been playing around a bit with a new blockprint i carved recently {inspired by plenty of images on pinterest of yummy green succulent plants} it doesn't quite line up exactly how i planned it in my head. i've added more detail, circles and have had a go at printing the pattern onto fabric. i hope the repeat pattern design sits well on a lampshade. it's one i keep looking at and mumbling about to myself..hmm..
oh, i will just have to show you what i mean next time. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

b l u e . s k i e s

last saturday was such a beautiful day - the sky was so blue! 
need more blue sky days like that where we all go for a long old dog walk & blow the cobwebs away.