Sunday, 30 August 2009


Here is what I have been up to, well me and the hubby, well mostly the hubby actually as DIY was much needed! BIG thank you hubby for all your hard work!!!!
I now have a little shop to display my cards and my other future handmade items in.
We were kindly offered a piece of the family owned shop in return for helping to refurbish which has worked out just great!

So here are some pics of the finished shop :0)

We almost forgot what the shop used to look like!

out with the mustard walls & mustard carpet... with lots of cream paint & laminate flooring
tah-dah hanmade is here!

It is still a bit on the 'airy' side yet but in time it will grow...
We still have a few things to do but at least we are up & running, looking forward to the future - thanks to everyone involved :0)


  1. wow! it looks wonderful!
    and how exciting to have your own little department...i'd be beside myself with joy to have a shop front. your little green cabinets look great. i actually have one that's really similar even down to the crystal knobs!
    good luck with customers...if i strolled by i'd definitely be tempted in by your lovely cards. Xx

  2. hiya kelly,
    thanks so much for your kind comments!
    yeah it is very exciting to have my own little shop :0) it's a bit like a dream to me at the mo - hasn't quite sunken in yet hehe! x