Tuesday, 29 September 2009

bundles of fun!

Cyclamen & fuchsia notelet bundles now on Etsy :0)

Good news internet here at home is back on, well kind of it's bloomin' sllowwww! Not so good news the fast broadband we've been waiting for won't be enabled until the end of October or something ridiculous like that! Made them sort out a temp. dial-up connection until then! So Etsy was lots of fun today hehe! Yawn! Etsy shop stuff always takes me ages to do at the best of times so you can imagine my frustration when the dial-up went completely dead halfway through entering my postings. Grreat! For some reason my swearing didn't seem to make it come back on & neither did storming out the room to make a cuppa lol! but an hour later the dial tone came back to life!
More Etsy fun still to do tomorrow...woop woop.

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