Wednesday, 14 October 2009

fallen apples!

Some pics from today :0)

Some stitch cards.
My pea pod green airer all ready for the shop - to hang my handprinted wrapping paper & gift tags on.
Handmade wooden table tops made by the hubby for the shop & art room. I just love 'em!

The lawn is covered with fallen apples :0( So a big ladder was borrowed from our next door neighbours to pick the fat juicy apples from the higher branches.
However, even with the tallest of ladders it was impossible to reach them! So sticks were thrown up into the tree to knock the apples free & surprisingly it worked!
It reminded me of those scary apple trees in The Wizard of OZ but luckily our apple tree didn't throw apples at us for picking it's fruit ;0)

1 comment:

  1. Message on behalf of Buster Boodle:
    woof woof waggy waggy tail pant pant wag (roughly translated as Hello Smartie, what are your humans doing throwing sticks for the tree and not you? )

    Love Mr.Boodle x
    Mrs. Down the lane says hi too!