Monday, 5 October 2009

sloe sunday!

A relaxed Sunday spent in the great outdoors.

We came home with plenty wood for the fire & sloes for some gin!
Just need to find a yummy sloe gin recipe :0)


  1. Beautiful pics Han!

    I love sloe Gin, I think the general rule is equal parts sloes, sugar and Gin! Remember to prick the sloes and turn the bottles every other day for a week or two. Mine is looking a lovely colour already. We will crack it on Christmas day and regret it long into Boxing day! tee hee,

    Sarah x

  2. Ooohh..thanks for the tips! ;0) never ever made it before so really looking forward to making a batch! I guess we will both be getting sloshed over crimbo drinking the same plonk hehe! x

  3. your day outdoors looked fantastic...such beautiful surroundings!

    can i point you in the direction of this post for advice on sloe gin making?

    no sloes for picking here so i'm planning on some blackberry schnapps for christmas gifts this year : )

  4. Kelly, thank you for the link to miss pickering's lovely blog! Her sloe gin has got me really excited! I better get a wriggle on & get making the stuff ready for crimbo! wow your blackberry schnapps sounds sooo gorgeous! x