Thursday, 5 November 2009

little shop!

A new table for the little shop!

You know who made it for me using left over/unwanted/unused timber & planks of wood.

The yummy blue paint I chose was mixed up especially after finding the colour on a crisp packet! I wonder if you can guess which crisps they were ;0)

I love it. It fits in just right for a little space.
It's not too big & it's not too small!
So now I have a very cute handmade table for my cards :0)

The Crimbo display will be coming to little shop very soon...

1 comment:

  1. Crisps? pale blue crisps? mmm,Burts maybe? I dont know, please tell!
    I have spent all day crawling around putting a Christmas Window together for a client and now my knees are worn out and I have a bad back but it looks good, I think! Have fun Christmassifying your shop,

    Love Sarah x