Saturday, 28 November 2009


Woof! Woof! hEllo it's mE SmartiE! i havE takEn ovEr my mummy's blog whilE shE's not looking! Shh..don't tEll hEr!
i thought i'd takE this opportunity to say hEllo to Mr. BoodlE!
my mummy has told mE lots about you & how you arE brown likE mE & that you likE going on lovEly walks, just likE mE!
uh-oh! i havE to go now shE's looking for hEr laptop! Woof! Woof!


  1. Sshhh Smartie, its me Boodle!!!! We rock!!!!

    My mum is giggling away in the corner at rock me Amarylis, she thinks it's hilarious!

    I saw how comfy you are and so I am staking out the leather chair in the front room! I have posed for some shots and I expect I shall be the subject of a posting in the near future, when you are this handsome it comes with the territory right?

    Waggy waggy tail, woof x

  2. morning smartie...
    i think i have a crush on you! X