Tuesday, 8 December 2009

fun at the fair!

Back from the 'Puds & Prezzies' craft fair that was on yesterday.
A very enjoyable time had by all! Looking forward to next years event already!
It's lovely to have such a friendly bunch of people all getting together and putting something on in the village for everyone to enjoy.
There were lots of stalls filled with gifts & goodies & lots of yummy homemade puddings to fill your belly with.
The hall was buzzing with happy shoppers getting ready for the festive period.
Unfortunately though there was something I forgot to take along with me yesterday, can you believe it, yep my camera! So I didn't manage to get any fun at the fair pics :0(
Instead here's some pics I took at home of my pre-fair table set up.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

craft fair-pre-pair-ations!

There's a craft fair happening tomorrow down in the village! Very exciting!
I've been busily making cards, cards & more cards for it. Just finishing off the birdie buntings now & then theres labels to make..I've probably forgotten something to do but haven't yet realised it..I better do a table set up as well so I have some sort of arrangement in my head.
Ooh..I know what else I must remember to do, dig out a table cloth! Everything seems 'under control' but there's always a mad dash right at the last moment!
I will report back soon on how it all went with hopefully some good shots thrown in too :0)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

hello bird lovers!

Warning! If you're not nature lover or a bird watcher tune out now!
Or prepare to get very bored! ;0)
Because this is where I waffle on about the birds I've been watching out in the garden :0)
Right then, here goes, recently we have had a new visitor to the garden! At first I thought it was just a Song Thrush or a female Blackbird but after flicking through the bird book apparently he's not! He feeds amongst the other Blackbirds at the very bottom of the garden under the apple trees hopping about the grass often scaring the other diners off! He's incredibly hard to photograph unlike the little Sparrows & Bluetits, hence these poor quality photo's! The only pic's I've been able to capture are from the window. I've tried stealthily tip-toeing up the garden in hopes to get a closer snap of him but he's too shy & flies off as soon as he hears the backdoor open. So from the window is the best I can do.
Well, want to know what he's called?...

...He's a Fieldfare.

Here's some snaps I took today of birds that aren't afraid of having their picture taken ;0)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

winter month!

December is here!

A very, very chilly morning this morning as Jack Frost has been
so the coal fire has been lit!
Ooh I think another cup of tea in my 'The Snowman' cup should help warm me up ;0)