Thursday, 3 December 2009

hello bird lovers!

Warning! If you're not nature lover or a bird watcher tune out now!
Or prepare to get very bored! ;0)
Because this is where I waffle on about the birds I've been watching out in the garden :0)
Right then, here goes, recently we have had a new visitor to the garden! At first I thought it was just a Song Thrush or a female Blackbird but after flicking through the bird book apparently he's not! He feeds amongst the other Blackbirds at the very bottom of the garden under the apple trees hopping about the grass often scaring the other diners off! He's incredibly hard to photograph unlike the little Sparrows & Bluetits, hence these poor quality photo's! The only pic's I've been able to capture are from the window. I've tried stealthily tip-toeing up the garden in hopes to get a closer snap of him but he's too shy & flies off as soon as he hears the backdoor open. So from the window is the best I can do.
Well, want to know what he's called?...

...He's a Fieldfare.

Here's some snaps I took today of birds that aren't afraid of having their picture taken ;0)

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  1. Hannah,

    What a lovely post, I love birds, Im going to volunteer to undertake some bird surveying soon, so have to get my bird identification guide out and binoculars too, I'll be doing it in groups so at least I'll have help. Your good at spotting them and photographing them.

    All things nice...