Thursday, 3 June 2010

a country wedding!

a gorgeous country wedding filled with flowers & herbs
spotty dotty table cloths & floral napkins
scented candles in floral tea cups & little glasses
lots of ivy & pretty bows

oh & with a floral seating plan, floral name tags & floral menus too ;0)

i have many more photographs of the same from all different angles.
close up, far away. you get the idea. these are my favorites.

i was so happy to say the least to be asked to make the wedding stationery & as it was my first wedding commission i was certainly on a mission to capture just how lovely the finished room looked with it's array of pretty florals.

just beautiful; congratulations susie & luke.
thank you for letting me take these pictures on your special day :0)


  1. How lovely... great to be a part of their fab day.. :o)

  2. Hannah this so so fab! I love it! Your prints look so charming, more pics please, more close ups it is all such a summery joy!

    Love Sarah x

  3. oh I love it all!! china cup candles, country bouquets and lots of wine ;D
    Your prints are perfect for the setting, lovely work!

  4. looks wonderful! well done you! and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog:)