Tuesday, 1 June 2010

idyllic island!

back from a fantastic time away in pembrokeshire.

the sun shone down on our day trip to skomer island

the ponies kept us company while we waited for the boat to take us over to skomer

trails through the pretty purple blanket of bluebells & red champion which covered the island

with the views & so much wildlife to spot, there's no place quite like it
we spotted guillemots, gannets, seals, razorbills, rabbits, skylarks, gulls & of course the
pembrokeshire parrot ;0)
seeing the puffins for the very first time was such an amazing highlight to our day.
they were just so spectacular to watch; very comical little characters with their striking features.
i couldn't help chuckle at their orange feet & the way they waddled about in & out of the burrows, jumping off the the cliffs edge plunging into the waters below.

what a view to eat sarnies to ;0)


  1. What great puffin photos! I love the 3 together. Did you get quite close or have you got a super zoom camera?

  2. Wow! not jealous ;o)
    amazing photographs and looks like you had great weather to top it off!

  3. i was very surprised at how friendly they were! you could get fairly close to them & they didn't seem to mind. we sat quietly on the path near to where they were nesting & happily watched them come & go. my camera has a pretty good zoom but no where as long as most were using that day! i tend to cut & crop my pics later which i've done with most of these ;0) we were really lucky with the weather as the boat wasn't running earlier on in the week due to rough waters. came home a bit on the pink side though :0( thanks for the comments guys xx

  4. Wow! What a fantastic set of photos!