Wednesday, 17 November 2010

flower power!

new print

new anemone flower notelets

i just need to bundle them up now for my shops :0)

i've decided, i need a new neck. not even the boogying has managed to shift the pain! maybe laughter will? being the best medicine & all that!
dear miranda please can you help?

workshop snaps

snaps from the workshop ~ making christmas cards.
thanks to s & c for coming along & well done on your gorgeous designs :0)

my next printmaking workshop will be on 8th december
'make a unique christmas gift'
art @ oriel jones - monmouth

if you are interested in having a go at linocutting with me please feel free to contact the gallery & book a spot :0)

Monday, 1 November 2010

show & tell

~snaps from saturdays workshop ~

i had a lovely time with a lovely group on saturday showing them the ropes to linocutting & handprinting. they all picked it up very quickly & all got fab results from their hand carved stamps.

my next workshop will be friday 12th november designing & printing christmas cards.
art @ oriel jones