Wednesday, 17 November 2010

workshop snaps

snaps from the workshop ~ making christmas cards.
thanks to s & c for coming along & well done on your gorgeous designs :0)

my next printmaking workshop will be on 8th december
'make a unique christmas gift'
art @ oriel jones - monmouth

if you are interested in having a go at linocutting with me please feel free to contact the gallery & book a spot :0)


  1. Glad you enjoying the workshops, I'd come if I live nearer ;D

    What's the pink stuff that you use? I bought some easy carve black once but it was rubbish!

  2. hiya jax, yeah i'm really enjoying the workshops, shame you don't live closer!
    i use speedball speedy-stamp carving blocks. they are lovely & soft so very easy to carve out. you get great results when stamp making :0)

  3. Asking for a Tardis for Christmas ;o)
    Thanks for sharing ;D