Sunday, 12 December 2010

festive sampler

through the post came this!

thank you folksy team for including me in this lovely crafty spread :0)


  1. Ohhh when did you get that? I hope mine is on its way. I enjoyed last years.

    Congratulations on your inclusion.

  2. that's great hannah! i am so sorry...i still have last years which you featured in (and which i promised to send you) i do still have it and promise to send it your way for your portfolio : ) so cool to see your work in print i bet! x

  3. Fantastic! looks brill, well done you!:)

  4. Great for you to be featured - do all Folksy Sellers usually receive a copy in the post?

  5. Thanks all :0)

    i'm really not sure who the copies are sent to..

    oh don't worry kelly i completely forgot anyway!x

    you can download last years from the folksy site, same as you can with this years edition - brill hey ;0)