Tuesday, 22 February 2011

bloggers block

held back on blogging lately.
i haven't had chance to take any great snaps of any great interest really.(how boring!) it's been especially difficult to capture good pics with days of working without great natural daylight! lack of sunshine & bright days hasn't helped inspire me either. {you see the vicious circle}.

the lack of blogging had gone far enough so today i had a flick through my album of 'february photo's' and found this little lot.

this i guess is a catch up post, a bit of a mixture :0)

fabric has got a hold of me lately. just waiting for fillers & mounts before i can show them to you properly :0)

valentine's {was only last week but feels like ages ago} ~ doily love heart was given as a gift along with some yummy shortbread. {hence no pic of shortbread, they were that good!}

a gorgeous screen printed card made by the lovely lisa ~ which is also an excellent keepsake! a frame to pop it in is on my 'to get list'

my first workshop of the year was on saturday ~ yet another fab morning with a smashing group, trying out some simple block printing. it was good to get all inky & messy again!

more fabric ;0)

saved best til last; my boy! ~ he's 2 today! happy birthday smartie x
{special tea for him tonight then}


  1. these dull days are tricky aren't they but your photos are always so full of colour and light. happy bday to smartie!

  2. Looks like a really fun workshop!x

  3. Nightmare isn't it dull days! sometimes feel like knocking big holes in my house walls to let more light in ;o)
    Happy bday smartie, he's such a handsome chap!
    (toying with the idea of getting a dog, have to sweet talk hubby first ;o)

  4. There's no lack of sunshine in your fab snaps! I love your fabric printing, so beautiful, along with gorge Smartie! happy birthday! :)
    Thanks for showing my card, really pleased you liked it and your going to frame it, thank you :)

  5. thank you guys, smartie sends his thanks also! ;0)

    i'm hoping the sun comes back soon, i'm sick of the gloomy weather! it turned up earlier but didn't stick around :0(

    jax - keep on with the 'sweet talking' the dog idea hehe! they make great buddies ;0)