Monday, 28 February 2011

daffodils & dragons

hello march & happy st. davids day!

a special visitor came to the welsh town of llandovery today.
he visited a few shops in town {sadly our shop wasn't on the list :( }

however, the deli across the road was so we had a good view of this certain person.

hrh the prince of wales
i'm pretty sure he's pointing at our shop & saying "ahh that's a pretty shop, lets go there next time"

quite an exciting day here, everyone was all smiles :0)


  1. Maybe they went into the deli to scope your shop out from across the way!

    The photos are lovely by the way :)

  2. Ooh exciting! Your shops looks lovely also...

  3. Happy St. David's Day to you too.

    What beautiful photographs. Shame that fella kept getting in the way. He, he.

    Your daff prints look absolutely gorgeous. So cheery and bright.


  4. Blimey Royalty... how posh.. lovely daff prints... & you've had sun too... lucky devils :o)

  5. Happy St David's day Hannah!- my little boy is called David, the only David in a school of nearly 300 children! Great photos Hannah, and the prints are beautiful x

  6. He could have come in and bought a couple of cushions for the mrs ;o)
    Lovely pics!

  7. woo! thanks guys for dropping by & thanks for the comments! fab x

    gfl ~ yep i'm thinking the same haha!

    victoria & clare ~ thank you!! :0)

    marion ~ very lucky yesterday, we had sun all day long! but don't worry it's warn off, black clouds are back :0(

    amanda ~ the only david? how on earth? hehe!

    jax ~ sheesh i know, i guessed she has missed out ;0) ha!

  8. The Daff prints are simple and clever. Really makes me want to start carving away. I truly believe Prince Charles will bring along his ladies to your shop in the soon future !