Friday, 25 February 2011


natural cotton cushions

new handprinted floral cushions are now in my etsy & folksy shops!

hurrah! for the sunny weather yesterday!
most of my day was taken up with a little cushion photoshoot. it would of been nice to have a big white room for snapping in! but hey-ho a teeny corner upstairs is what i have ;0)

spring is on it's way! it was certainly in the air yesterday! so warm i had all the windows & doors open. not sure where it's gone today though, the clouds are back :0(

to get in a spring mood here's a pretty spring themed treasury

happy friday!


  1. I am so happy too cos the sun is out!
    Your floral cushions definitely add up the joy to the spring!

  2. Hey there.. you're work shop looked fun... wish I lived closer... :oD