Monday, 11 April 2011

catch up

a little catch up time me thinks!

ooh pretty blossom is blossoming everywhere!

had a wonderful weekend trip away in london with the folks :)
(same w/e as the protests were on whoops)

celebrated the other half's birthday by the sea down in sunny brighton

late flowering daffodils from the garden looking super in baked bean cans or were they tomato cans!?

new floral fabric prints available from both my folksy & etsy shops

forgot my printing equipment {forgot to screw my head on properly!} this morning so dressed the window over at little shop instead
(special thanks to mum for the eggs! x)

hope you've all been enjoying this weather by squeezing in some fun/playtime :0)


  1. Love your new floral fabric prints x

  2. Oooo your shop looks gorgeous...!! wish I lived closer...Love, love, love brighton, so much to see... so much to do....
    We also were in London the day of the protesters were there, so near 'em that I thort you might see us on the piggin news!! :o)

  3. so kind, thank you georgia!

    thank you too marion!
    oh we had no idea until we saw all the police. we walked past houses of parliament & all was clear then literally 10 minutes later it was chocca block! luckily we were headed south of the river for the day ;0)