Sunday, 17 April 2011

green fingers

woke up to another beautiful sunny day so today was spent outside giving the garden a bit of tlc with a spring clean!
a full day of sewing seeds, planting up & weeding flower beds.
gardening is one of those jobs which i don't like the thought of starting but once i get going it becomes rather enjoyable. tiring but well worth it.
fab to sit under the parasol at the end of the day and see how much better it all looks. don't get me wrong it's not quite like this garden down the road ;)
{oh how i wish!} - there's still heaps to do!


  1. Beautiful photos Hannah. Looks like you've got a great helper in Smartie!

  2. oh iknow! haha! he has this thing about socks & now gloves, likes to run off with them ;0)

  3. You see I just knew that you would know!

    Could you ask Smartie if I could have my gardening glove back - and in case you were wondering the Boodle has taken yours to bed with him!

    Sarah x

  4. What a cute blog... and dog! Thanks for letting me include your daff-oh-dilly tags in my newsletter, hope you enjoyed reading it :)
    Sami x
    a.k.a Made by Sami