Sunday, 19 June 2011


my online shops have had a little freshen up & a bit of a re-jig of things.

after browsing my web shops recently i found myself wanting to change & update it a little.
i thought it was time to brighten things up with some new images which have more of a collective feel about them.

photographing my work tends to involve a lot of carting things about the house, in & out of rooms in search of that wonderful thing that is bright natural daylight. this can take sometime to hunt out due to the fact that our cottage is full of dark shadows & not much bright light.

the sun gods must have been listening beacuse thankfully we were blessed with a sunny day!
but instead of being out in it i took full advantage of the brighter than normal daylit lounge.
i flung open all the curtains & shifted most of the furniture to clear a space/make an obstacle course for d & smartie ;) so i had a backdrop for taking pictures.

an open, airy loft appartment it was not but my nifty camera helped take the brightest shots it could muster.

so roughly 700 snaps later & too many hours fiddling about on photoshop,
here are my newly decorated shops :)

etsy and folksy

i hope you likey & don't have the urge to utter the words...

"na, rubbish. i liked it the way it was".

happy browsing! :0)


  1. I love the new look Hannah of the shops and of your blog too.
    I am thinking of refreshing the look of my blog too - keep trying the new blogger look - then change my mind :-)

  2. thank you jacqui x i suddenly had a 'brave moment' & just went for it hehe! hope you have fun playing about with blogger, you'll enjoy it i'm sure ;0)