Tuesday, 12 July 2011

c o s m o s

natural cotton 'cosmos' totes

handprinted in new colour combinations of blue & pink.

now in my etsy shop :0)

{i had lots of fun with the tote snaps! running back & forth from camera to the chair just in time for the auto-click. oh many a deleted photo! good exercise though & no gym required haha!}


  1. but it all looks so calm and composed! gorgeous bags :)

  2. These look fun... & doesn't your hair look fab in the snap above.. :o)

  3. thanks marion - yeh i think the side pony-tail twist really highlights my *ahem!* very natural blonde hair ;0) hee! x

  4. fantastic pics Hannah, very professional and love the styling ;o)
    The lighting is great I'm in the middle of painting my studio (dining room ;o) wall off white in the hope I can get some better pics! She says typing with paint covered hands ;D

  5. why thank you jax x have fun with the decorating ;0)