Thursday, 14 July 2011

speedwell flower

work in progress

a new block print inspired by the tiny flower, speedwell. i found it growing in the garden earlier in the year but only recently found out it's name by searching through my flower book. again it's my take on this delicate wildflower.
i've printed it in my favorite way as a repeat pattern. i just really enjoy this method of printing & you can see it taking shape as you go which i enjoy even more!
the flower is actually blue but green was calling me today. that's the beauty of printing by hand you can mix & print any colour you desire. so today a creamy light green it was.
oh i do love a bit of green :0)

the flower speedwell is featured in the flower fairies book by cicely mary barker as well as
sir john everett millais's beautiful painting
'little speedwell's darling blue'
one of the pictures we had at home when i was growing up was one of his more famous works called 'bubbles' -
i can remember staring at it for ages, it remains one of my favorites.

i've printed the floral pattern onto natural cotton which i'm going to cut up & make....

ahh, i'll save it until you pop back next time


  1. That's REALLY pretty - super colour. Love the way your pattern is so exactly repeated and the flower is just perfect.

  2. Gorgeous Hannah - love the print and the colour works really well :-)

  3. this looks beautiful - I love the way that the tiniest flowers are often the prettiest when you really look at them closely.

  4. thank you for popping by you guys & leaving such lovely comments! x

  5. Hannah! How are you? Long time no talk! I am still very inspired by your blog everytime when I visit it! I wish I can come to your shop one day before I move to Singapore (in mid SEP!) By any chance u visit London sometimes?

  6. what? make what? aaaarghhhh dying to see.... the fabric looks so good Hannah, I love the green you have chosen too!

    Sarah x

  7. Your block prints are inspiring! SO beautiful! :) I accidently found you trying to find another "Hanmade"... and I'm so very glad I did!

  8. How gorgeous! I love all of your work, the colours are perfect for this time of year.