Monday, 1 August 2011

hello august

can it really be august already? the summer seems to be flying by!
okay, so here's what i made with my speedwell flower fabric 
~ lampshades :0) 
i love how the bold print stands out as well as the lovely flecks in the natural cotton fabric.
~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

you too can make your very own unique speedwell flower shade.
lampshade kit with my blockprinted fabric now available from my
i'm still printing & experimenting with fabrics, i'm also having a go on the ol' sewing machine with the help from the other half! 
thanks to his late nana, bless her, we have the privilege of looking after her lovely old sewing machine. i'm sure she'd be very pleased to see her grandson passing on those skills she once taught him ;) 
lots of ideas whirling around in my head just need to practice sewing in a straight line first!!


  1. love the speedwell design, think it has to be my favourite! The pictures are fab too, send some of that lovely light over to my dark house ;o)

  2. yay! thank you jax :)) has that sunshine reached you yet?? xx