Monday, 26 September 2011

w i n t e r . b e a r

a sneaky peak of my little {tidy} work area; inside the tiny box room upstairs. 

some lovely eco friendly brown card arrived in the post so i got printing. 
another christmassy/winter themed design.
i thought the handsome little chap would feel mighty chilly this winter without a snuggly scarf to wear ;)
i also made a third block inspired by the wonderful fair isle patterns.

hand printed in blue, red & green.

now to pack them up 
* winter bear * will be hitting my shops soon.
{with a white recycled envelope in a biodegradable cello-sleeve}

Sunday, 25 September 2011

b o t t l e . u p

currently loving flowers in glass bottles {& empty food cans} i just love the labels on the francis hartridge's drinks bottles & the belvoir ones too. i can't seem to get rid! the house is slowly beginning to fill up with them. 
my poor vases, they must be feeling neglected ;)

d o v e

 yup, it's that time of year again when thoughts turn to all things christmassy. 
 this week i've added these new christmas cards to my shops.
'christmas dove'
the design is available to buy singularly & as a boxed bundle of six cards. 

i'm working on some more christmassy things which will be on their way very soon :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

p a p e r . p a c k s

like most arts & crafts people, i'm constantly sketching new idea's to try out. this one however, is an oldie. 

i was once asked by a customer whether i did wrapping paper. 
with all the many a printed paper out there with it's double sided, tripple, quadruple colour lovliness i was turned off by the idea. 

sometimes when working on a new design i get stuck especially when that annoying little thought, which can stop me from carrying on with it, pops into my head & whispers 'will anyone buy it?' 
i design & create because i'm happy with it & that is the main thing after all. the satisfaction comes from designing & making something from start to finish. so when someone does buy from me then that's the super-duper icing on the cake which helps me carry on; trying out new things. wrapping paper was one of those things that i ended up leaving to one side.

the same customer asked me again.
it left me head scratching. 
it highlighted to me that i had to have another think about it.

so this is my first design in occasional wrapping paper.
it may not be the colour layered, double sided paper but it is all handprinted by me & with great care.

the idea stemmed from the 'thank you' stamp i carved & use to print onto tissue paper, especially made to wrap up my customer orders with.

  a 5 sheet pack which comes in a colour choice of pink or blue and includes 5 matching gift tags.

after printing this design i now have a few more blocks i'd like to carve.
i dare say the occasional paper packs may begin to grow... 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


 pink bell notelet bundle 
a new celebratory 'congratulations' card

both are available to buy from my folksy & etsy shops :)

you may recognise my pink bell bundle design from a while back. 
due to one of my printing blocks getting old & tatty, i've had to change the design a little bit.
so instead of carving a replica block, i went for a brand new design with a different print pattern layout too. the new foliage block which i print in green is now larger & has a repeat pattern very similar to my bluebell design.
i'm happy with the way it turned out, i actually prefer it to the old block.

it's funny looking back at some of my old disused printing blocks to the ones i print with now. 
 thanks to all the practice & improvement i guess i've grown very fond of my cutting tools :)
tackling lettering used to be a big no-no.