Wednesday, 14 September 2011


 pink bell notelet bundle 
a new celebratory 'congratulations' card

both are available to buy from my folksy & etsy shops :)

you may recognise my pink bell bundle design from a while back. 
due to one of my printing blocks getting old & tatty, i've had to change the design a little bit.
so instead of carving a replica block, i went for a brand new design with a different print pattern layout too. the new foliage block which i print in green is now larger & has a repeat pattern very similar to my bluebell design.
i'm happy with the way it turned out, i actually prefer it to the old block.

it's funny looking back at some of my old disused printing blocks to the ones i print with now. 
 thanks to all the practice & improvement i guess i've grown very fond of my cutting tools :)
tackling lettering used to be a big no-no.


  1. I love the new pink bell design and the congratulations card it lovely :)

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