Monday, 31 December 2012

m o n d a y ' s . c h i l d

monday's child is fair of face

the most amazing gift my husband & i could ever wish for arrived with us on 
monday 10th december
our beautiful daughter isla grace!
born 5.05am - 6lbs 1oz

3 weeks old today & utterly perfect :))


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

s n i p p e t s

 the corners of baby's room :))

week 39! not long to go now...
we simply cannot wait to meet the little belly wriggler!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

w i n n e r


the lucky winner of the festive give-away is anna of black cactus london
anna hand prints and makes beautiful bags & purses, hop over to her blog & site for a nosey! 

congratulations to you anna! :0)
{please can you inbox me with your postal address so i can pop it in the post for you. 
my email is}

a big thank you to all of you who joined in with the give-away fun! 
thanks also for the fab comments & for liking ;0)


the paper egg came in rather handy to shake & reveal the winning name. 
quite fitting too i thought ;0) 
not long to go now...x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

g i v e :: a w a y

hello! it's give-away time again!

i had one at the beginning of the year & thought it was about time i did another :)
these hanmade festive goodies are up for grabs!

:: boxed bundle - 6 christmas dove cards
:: 2 winter bears cards
:: 2 merry christmas cards
:: 2 birds - robin & wren tree decorations
:: robin & wren birdie bunting

thank you to you lot for following, supporting & leaving me such fab feedback here on my blog, facebook, twitter & instagram pages x

 to enter all you have to do is :-

:: follow my blog (if you don't already)
:: leave me a comment (so i know you have entered)
:: like my facebook page

i will be announcing the lucky winner on
:: thursday 15th november ::

good luck
and get tweeting! :))

Sunday, 4 November 2012

n o v e m b e r . n e w s

woah, it's november already! 
it's been quite nice having early evenings all snug in front of the fire. defo embracing the autumn & winter here and looking forward to a bit of hibernating ;0) 
baby bump is getting mighty heavy now, quite funny trying to move about the house. getting off the sofa & out of bed is quite a mission not because i'm a lazy onslow but because i can't physically bend & maneuver myself, well not in a graceful manner that is. getting socks & shoes on & off is a hoot! 

i enjoyed completing my last bit of work before taking my maternity time off with a lampshade commission for a lovely customer. a large 'speedwell' square drum.
it's always a pleasure to work on something unique; mixing the colours so they're just right & then to receive happy customer feedback - even better! 

a lovely kind gift a friend of ours made especially for little one - a gorgeous handmade quilt. she's such a skilled seamstress! she also made a really cute dress using my hollyhock print for her little girl. i love the simple, detailed way it buttons up at the back :)

more gifts! fab knitted goodies made by my super mum :) 
she's knitted me 2 beautiful jumpers, a hat, 2 snoods, a jumper for d
and lots of baby mittens! we're so spoilt! 

with some wool from mum, i've been making mini pom-poms for baby's room. hmm..not quite as technical as mums knitting hehe! i even roped d into making some with me, his are so neat! tut.
there are several tutorials floating around pinterest which have been helpful. basically, you wind wool around a fork! wrapping yarn around several times, tying a knot tightly in the middle, snipping all the loops & then hey presto! little balls! link them altogether to make a pretty garland :) 

ahh..i think smartie is now after something knitted that he can wear this winter hehe!
maybe a garland scarf smartie?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

l a t e l y

a new printing block i made earlier in the week especially for little one. 
a sleepy, dreamy cloud handprinted onto natural cotton to make a lampshade with. 
i chose pale blue & coral (still coral mad me!) as i thought those colours would be fit for either a girl or a boy ;) 

the hanmade art room has been shifted to make way for baby's new room. 
the box room i used to work from is so much cosier now, i can actually see the floor now all my stuff has been moved out! 
we've been busy laying a new carpet, painting walls & freshening up old furniture.
the nursery is starting to take shape :) a chest of drawers are yet to do up & pictures are yet to hang. 

pinterest has really got me hooked, i've been searching and pinning nursery room inspiration. it's been a great way of collecting images whilst decorating the room. i really love a mixture of old & new styles. i'm hoping our little space will turn out something like the ones i've pinned once it's finished :) 

the weeks are well and truly whizzing past; 7 weeks to go... 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

s i m p l e . t h i n g s

a lovely new magazine to read. it was the last one on the shelf at my local post office so i had to grab it :)
it features some yummy-scrummy apple recipes in there which is rather handy as our apple trees are full this year! the toffee apple crumble recipe looks delicious so that one will have to be tried out!

my wonderful & super-duper mum has been knitting like a trooper! she's made more gorgeous baby clothes for little madden. lots of cute little booties, hats & cardigans in all different patterns & colours. they're so amazing, i can't stop looking at them & imagining our little one wearing them :)

just 3 months to go until little one arrives! 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

l a t e l y

hello september!

enjoyed some sunshine! with a stroll around hampton court castle & gardens.

a break from printing all things festive! some new gift wrap sheets. 
off to the stockists they go :) 

e a r l y . b i r d

over the last few weeks i've been busy making festive gift wrap & cards for stockists. the plan is to print as much 'c' paper goods now so i can take some time out & get ready for little madden's arrival!
i'm slowly winding things down but there are still cards available to purchase from my etsy & folksy shops. festive cards are in already! 

 it will be very strange putting my tools & rollers down for a bit but i'm so looking forward to focusing on baby with doing a bit of decorating & working on baby's room. 
bye, bye art room & hello nursery! hehe! 

i will be doing another give-away soon so keep checking back :))

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

s h o p . u p d a t e

:: new :: 
made to order BIG drum handprinted lampshades 
now available to purchase from my etsy shop
along with my new 'swallows' bird print :) 

commissions are very welcome!
so please feel free to contact me with your required drum size & fabric design.
:: there are 3 different lampshade sizes to choose from :: 
small 20cm - medium 30cm - large 45cm 

:: fabric design choices are as follows ::
green speedwell, pink speedwell, blue speedwell, swallows, hellebore, hollyhock, anemone, little red flowers, little blue flowers (patterns you will find over in my etsy shop)

re-decorating? as i mix my own colours i am more than happy to print my designs in a colour palette of your choice!

thanks for looking :)

Monday, 13 August 2012

l a t e l y

hello august. it feels like summer (if you can call it that!) is whizzing past...

the bump is getting bigger (my troos are getting tighter!) 

i've made a start on making festive cards (it's too early to mention 'c' cards so festive ones it is!)

back from a fun weekend away in the caravan (our ropey from the outside but cosy on the inside, old, ahem, i mean retro home on wheels) with a long river walk & a sunset bbq :) 
- glorious!