Thursday, 5 January 2012

h e l l o . 2 o 1 2

happy new year folks & hello 2012! 
 it's back to sketching & printing after a jolly good break. 
the lull between xmas & new year was filled with not doing very much but it felt sooo good to take some time out with lots of scoffing & lots of chilling out.
enjoyed some time reading & watching :) dvd long days watching some weird & wonderful films from the comfort of the sofa. away we go was brill! 

another great book by the lovely lotta - fab photographs & an inspirational tour/nosey of some of lotta's fave artists & their studios in and around new york, tokyo & stockholm. 
a great insight to their every day working life, to see where they work from along with snippets of what inspires them.
after peering into so many different work spaces, it's left me wanting to take over the larger spare room & fill it with floor to ceiling shelving, racking & colourful, trendy accessories. well, that and a trip to nyc! haha! 
oh i love my box room really, it may be on the small side but it's alot brighter in there than in the bigger spare room. more room, more mess, right? :)

having some 'time out' from the endless tins of choccy & switched to chomping yummy kendal mint cake instead. 

now working on new designs & making a start on booking craft fairs for this coming year. most importantly booked a re-visit to the lakes this coming spring. no better place to walk the dog :)


  1. i would love to have a work space , mine is either the kitchen table or sofa !!!! Happy printing !!!x

  2. Happy New Year!

    The Lotta Jansdotter book looks fab :)

  3. I love that Lotta book! So inspiring.

  4. Happy New Year -x-
    Love Lotta too! Maybe she would like to hang out with us sometime? tee hee,

    Sarah and Boodle -x-

  5. happy new year all & thank you for popping by x i've just been watching lotta workshops over on youtube. very inspiring :D