Sunday, 29 January 2012

w o r k + s h o p

the highlight to my new york trip had to be visiting the very talented lotta jansdotter's work studio & shop in brooklyn!! 
how bonkers is that?! a real 'pinch me' moment & a birthday treat i won't be forgetting in a hurry!
it was so exciting to see lotta's gorgeous workshop space & creations in the flesh. everthing was so beautifully presented.
as lotta was away teaching workshops, {probably a good thing as i'd only say something daft like "loving your work!" or come across as a crazy fan! ha!} we got to meet lotta's friendly assistant & musically talented nerissa campbell. it was great to browse & chat for a good long while, i know i'd be miffed if someone interrupted me & my lunch. hehe! 

it was such a super day & i still can't believe my luck :)


  1. OMG and a Happy Hanmade Birthday to you! Wowzers trousers you lucky girl - how cool, it looks amazing...Has Smartie forgiven you for leaving him yet? Off to smoke candy cigarette, tee hee...I am so cool!

    Sarah -x-

  2. Ahhh thats fantastic! Happy happy belated birthday! what a fabulously thoughtful and ace other half you have! magic memories! I didn't realise the card was for you, so lovely, thanks for your comment:) I bet you got some amazing inspiration for for artwork! Enjoy your 30th year yer wee wipper snapper youngster you!! xxxx

  3. hehe! i know, i'm completely spoilt! he's earned himself loads of brownie points, not sure i can beat that surprise ;) it all feels a bit like a dream :)

  4. Oh how jealous am I? I would love to visit Lotta's work + shop. I know I would be sent into a bit of a panic if I were to visit - I would want to buy everything!