Saturday, 4 February 2012

n e w . s o u n d s

new sounds to work to :)
the other half & i were kindly given this cd by nerissa herself when we visited lotta's work+shop. i know, how sweet!

check out nerissa's music, her voice is super dreamy :))

i enjoy listening to music & love to play something while i work but i get tired of playing the same old thing rather quickly. if i hear i song i like, then i'll play it over & over again until i'm fed up of it. then i have to move onto something different for a while before playing it again. i think the whole of january i listened to florence &tm (florence & the sewing machince as the OH likes to say) on repeat! hehe! i play a lot of sia's albums too, she's one of my faves!
i might be alone here, but for some reason i can't work in silence, something has to be on in the background. i play the odd audio book now & again but sometimes i find them a little distracting. so hearing something new & haven't come across before, just like nerissa's songs, is the best :))

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