Tuesday, 31 July 2012

f l o w e r . c a r d s

 i've just added these new cards to my etsy shop - happy birthday flower cards 
handprinted in pea pod green & lilac.

i've been itching to do some designing for a while now so i spent my sunday sketching and carving from the comfort of the couch :)

they can now be found in my etsy shop. 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

52 . w e e k e n d s

as some readers will already know i am fortunate enough to have a modest little corner at my father-in-law's shop where i can display & sell items of my work. the shop right on the a40 in wales in a small but fully equipped town called llandovery; alongside the best butchers ever, a wonderful deli & a fantastic mr & mrs smith hotel among other things! from time to time i get to meet some really fab people, some of whom ultimately become recurring customers who were just passing through or having just noticed my window display... on one such occasion brigid & craig came in to say hello; they'd been travelling around the uk & just so happened to find themselves in llandovery. they popped in, we got chatting & before I knew it i'd made some new friends, we were talking 'shop' & craig took some pictures of me... & now, here i am! in a book! our copy finally arrived today, hot off the press & it's so amazing! i can't thank brigid & craig enough for including me. the book is brilliant with beautiful photographs to boot - so many places that i know, live near, work near & have visited but on top of that a whole lot that i now can't wait to head off too!

52 weekends in the country

happy weekend all! x