Monday, 13 August 2012

l a t e l y

hello august. it feels like summer (if you can call it that!) is whizzing past...

the bump is getting bigger (my troos are getting tighter!) 

i've made a start on making festive cards (it's too early to mention 'c' cards so festive ones it is!)

back from a fun weekend away in the caravan (our ropey from the outside but cosy on the inside, old, ahem, i mean retro home on wheels) with a long river walk & a sunset bbq :) 
- glorious!


  1. Love the festive card, I'm making a lot of things ready for 'C' but it does seem too early to mention it just yet!

  2. Fab card and camper looks great and your bump too.

  3. quick, enjoy the summer while it lasts and the sun is actually shining! Love the stripes and little bump! x

  4. Your bump is so sweet! Love the "festive" card too.