Thursday, 6 September 2012

e a r l y . b i r d

over the last few weeks i've been busy making festive gift wrap & cards for stockists. the plan is to print as much 'c' paper goods now so i can take some time out & get ready for little madden's arrival!
i'm slowly winding things down but there are still cards available to purchase from my etsy & folksy shops. festive cards are in already! 

 it will be very strange putting my tools & rollers down for a bit but i'm so looking forward to focusing on baby with doing a bit of decorating & working on baby's room. 
bye, bye art room & hello nursery! hehe! 

i will be doing another give-away soon so keep checking back :))


  1. You've done a lot of printing! Great to get it all out of the way - let us see the nursery too - but no art room????

  2. I truly love your new designs!
    The colour combinations are just great.

  3. These are so gorgeous Hannah! I did hand printed gift wrap last christmas but couldn't get the rolls of printed paper so beautifully neat and consistent! Love your colour choices too.

  4. Love the wrapping paper! How exciting to be setting up your nursery :)

  5. thank you all for your kind comments! don't fret, there will be lots of snaps of the nursery once i start work on it! enough to bore you with i bet ;) as for the art room that will be in the spare room amongst other junk! x