Thursday, 20 September 2012

s i m p l e . t h i n g s

a lovely new magazine to read. it was the last one on the shelf at my local post office so i had to grab it :)
it features some yummy-scrummy apple recipes in there which is rather handy as our apple trees are full this year! the toffee apple crumble recipe looks delicious so that one will have to be tried out!

my wonderful & super-duper mum has been knitting like a trooper! she's made more gorgeous baby clothes for little madden. lots of cute little booties, hats & cardigans in all different patterns & colours. they're so amazing, i can't stop looking at them & imagining our little one wearing them :)

just 3 months to go until little one arrives! 


  1. Ah congratulations Hannah! I didn't know you were pregnant, exciting! I bought the simple things magazine today and can't wait to get making some of the recipes too xx

  2. Simple things makes everyone happy. Nice topic.

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  3. What a clot I am! I missed your bump news....oh Hannah! How joyous! Happy, happy, hope you are feeling OK?

    Sarah -x-x-x-

  4. Ahh fantastic, time is flying by fast! your mums knitting is fantastic, your lucky little babe will look a bobby dazzler! xxxx

  5. thanks guys :)) feeling heavy & tired but really enjoying it! painting furniture for the nursery at the mo, so i will post some pics when it starts coming together x