Sunday, 4 November 2012

n o v e m b e r . n e w s

woah, it's november already! 
it's been quite nice having early evenings all snug in front of the fire. defo embracing the autumn & winter here and looking forward to a bit of hibernating ;0) 
baby bump is getting mighty heavy now, quite funny trying to move about the house. getting off the sofa & out of bed is quite a mission not because i'm a lazy onslow but because i can't physically bend & maneuver myself, well not in a graceful manner that is. getting socks & shoes on & off is a hoot! 

i enjoyed completing my last bit of work before taking my maternity time off with a lampshade commission for a lovely customer. a large 'speedwell' square drum.
it's always a pleasure to work on something unique; mixing the colours so they're just right & then to receive happy customer feedback - even better! 

a lovely kind gift a friend of ours made especially for little one - a gorgeous handmade quilt. she's such a skilled seamstress! she also made a really cute dress using my hollyhock print for her little girl. i love the simple, detailed way it buttons up at the back :)

more gifts! fab knitted goodies made by my super mum :) 
she's knitted me 2 beautiful jumpers, a hat, 2 snoods, a jumper for d
and lots of baby mittens! we're so spoilt! 

with some wool from mum, i've been making mini pom-poms for baby's room. hmm..not quite as technical as mums knitting hehe! i even roped d into making some with me, his are so neat! tut.
there are several tutorials floating around pinterest which have been helpful. basically, you wind wool around a fork! wrapping yarn around several times, tying a knot tightly in the middle, snipping all the loops & then hey presto! little balls! link them altogether to make a pretty garland :) 

ahh..i think smartie is now after something knitted that he can wear this winter hehe!
maybe a garland scarf smartie?

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