Tuesday, 31 December 2013

h a p p y . n e w . y e a r

here's to a bright, healthy and truly fantastic
filled with tonnes of happiness, adventure and creativity.

han x 

b a u b l e s

hope you all had a cracking good christmas time! we certainly did!
i think a certain little girl is really going to miss the tree when we take it down. it's been a daily routine of hers to point at the tree, get lifted up to it and happily gaze into the baubles/try to grab said baubles. x

Thursday, 19 December 2013

m e r r y . c h r i s t m a s

wishing all my lovely hanmade customers, stockists and supporters a really wonderful christmas time! see you in the new year when my shop will re-open with new handprinted goodies :0) 
many thanks, hannah xx

Monday, 16 December 2013

o n e

my beautiful daughter turned one last week! a whole year old! where has the time gone, eh? 
with two birthday cakes and two parties in one week, she was living it up like the queen! 

Friday, 6 December 2013

h e l l o . d e c e m b e r

a spot of {late} making.
 so many fab festive images over on pinterest, inspired me to hand make a wreath and an advent calendar. 

found some small pine branches on our smartie walk which are lovely and bendy; tied both ends with string, shoved in a bit of greenery, added some ribbon and hey presto! a scruffy wreath! ha! not bad for a first attempt. a rushed attempt at that. well, with little I about, things have to be speedy other wise she tries to climb up my legs or trash the front room when i'm not looking. normally i turn round to find the entire dvd collection all over the floor. hehe. 
the bag of ribbons kept her quiet for about oh,  2 minutes!
 i also {finally} got round to making an advent calendar using envelopes, bakers twine, mini pegs, choccy coins and hung them all from a branch :))  

it's a bit of a habit of mine lately to visit the woods and bring something back that's caught my eye. sooo many pine cones! i think it will be bringing home more twigs and small branches next time so i can have another bash at wreath making. 

now it's onto making party decorations! little miss turns one next week!

Friday, 15 November 2013

b l a c k . s t a r

 i've been hooked by pinterest lately; so many gorgeous images of christmas wrapping and what not, inspired me to getting cutting and printing this array of festive stars. 
it was the perfect way to use up some of my lonely, lino off-cuts too!

i went with black ink & simply blockprinted it directly onto some lovely, thick, unbleached, natural cotton tape.

'black star' cotton ribbon is now available to purchase from my etsy and folksy shops and comes in one whopping, giant long length of 5 metres! 

so that should go a long way when adding that little extra something special when wrapping up pressie's this christmas time ;0)
{the beauty is it can be re-used time after time!}


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

u p

stunning views from our walk/climb along the hergest ridge walk over in kington.

f e s t i v e . b u n d l e

4 card : festive bundle
a mixture of favorite hanmade designs of christmas past.
4 cards for the price of 3 + free p&p!
now available from my etsy shop

Saturday, 5 October 2013

p a r t y !

 p is for party...penguin...pencil...and...present!

new : children's boxed party invitations
handprinted in bright pink and sky blue
each box contains 8 card invitations & 8 ivory envelopes

they can now be found in my etsy & folksy shops!

t h e . w e i r

we had a lovely stroll along the river wye & a nosey in the new walled garden at the national trust garden not too far from us called 'the weir' down in hereford. isla enjoyed herself. we showed her conkers, pointed out the big, fat orange pumpkins and we spotted a few butterflies. 
 simple pleasures.