Sunday, 10 February 2013

h e l l o . f e b r u a r y

helloo! well, time has truly flown by since the birth of little hanmade back in december. i'm thoroughly enjoying motherhood, filling my days with all things baby. she is changing so much & so quickly! slowly getting into the rhythm of things. finally found some time to visit llandovery town and freshen up little shop's window space. even managed to squeeze in a bit of designing & carving a few new cards while the little one sleeps :) 

something i really enjoy is making so i'm hoping to continue printing but with the early days being so precious, spending time and focusing on my little one is job number one and hanmade will be as and when really. my on-line shop has now re-opened, as for craft fairs, i hope to pick them up again at a later date ;)

 'happy birdy' and 'thank ewe' cards are now available from my etsy shop :)
funny how design inspiration comes flooding in even after very little sleep!!


  1. I LOVE your prints, my fav. is happy birdy. Your shop looks FABULOUS too - it looks great the way you have dressed the windows with all the little can flower holders - sweet : ) Enjoy your little one they grow so quickly ; )

    1. thank you so much stephanie! glad i've found your brill blog & wonderful work :D