Tuesday, 14 May 2013

d a i s y . c h a i n

 daisy chain 

:: save the date :: 

a block i designed and carved last year but only just got round to testing it out! 

i'm finding some free time in the evenings, once little one has been bathed and fed, to do some printing :))

 original handprinted save the date notelets
blockprinted onto thick eco-friendly ivory card stock with handprinted brown recycled envelopes.

these are now available, made to order from my shop.


  1. These are fab! , I love the photo of the the carved block with ink on.. your very clever! Hope everything is going fantastically well with little babe and fab that you're getting some time to print! xxx

    1. oh thank you lisa! yeah it feels good to be doing some printing some evenings now. although not tonight i'm pooped, bedtime took a little longer than planned hehe! little'un is doing so well, she's a happy little girl, always smiling. growing so quickly! nearly 6 months already! woah. hope you & yours are all well too xxx