Friday, 6 December 2013

h e l l o . d e c e m b e r

a spot of {late} making.
 so many fab festive images over on pinterest, inspired me to hand make a wreath and an advent calendar. 

found some small pine branches on our smartie walk which are lovely and bendy; tied both ends with string, shoved in a bit of greenery, added some ribbon and hey presto! a scruffy wreath! ha! not bad for a first attempt. a rushed attempt at that. well, with little I about, things have to be speedy other wise she tries to climb up my legs or trash the front room when i'm not looking. normally i turn round to find the entire dvd collection all over the floor. hehe. 
the bag of ribbons kept her quiet for about oh,  2 minutes!
 i also {finally} got round to making an advent calendar using envelopes, bakers twine, mini pegs, choccy coins and hung them all from a branch :))  

it's a bit of a habit of mine lately to visit the woods and bring something back that's caught my eye. sooo many pine cones! i think it will be bringing home more twigs and small branches next time so i can have another bash at wreath making. 

now it's onto making party decorations! little miss turns one next week!

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