Tuesday, 28 January 2014

c a r v i n g . o u t

while little one sleeps..

: a work in progress : 
i've been playing around a bit with a new blockprint i carved recently {inspired by plenty of images on pinterest of yummy green succulent plants} it doesn't quite line up exactly how i planned it in my head. i've added more detail, circles and have had a go at printing the pattern onto fabric. i hope the repeat pattern design sits well on a lampshade. it's one i keep looking at and mumbling about to myself..hmm..
oh, i will just have to show you what i mean next time. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

b l u e . s k i e s

last saturday was such a beautiful day - the sky was so blue! 
need more blue sky days like that where we all go for a long old dog walk & blow the cobwebs away. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

o l i v e . l e a f

new workspace + new lampshades

i managed to squeeze in a bit of product photography today as it was so bright & sunny! 
amazing what a spot of sunshine can do; lifts the spirits doesn't it :) 

new blockprinted lampshades are now in my etsy shop - perfect for any ceiling pendant and table lamp.
don't forget, other colours and shade sizes are available on request, so if there's a certain colour you'd prefer me to print in just get in touch.

'olive leaf' ceiling/lampshades can be found here

Monday, 6 January 2014

s p r i n g . b u n d l e s

they're back!

 notelet bundles
: 3 handprinted floral cards + brown recycled envelopes :
anemone flower design now in a new colour way 
now available from my etsy shop

it's been a while since i last printed these designs & i have to say it feels great to sit down & spend some time getting back into the printing swing of things. i've found a rhythm in my day which fits around isla. basically, when isla kips in the daytime i sneak off into my work room and either get chance to take some photographs of what i've been working on for my on-line shop & this here blog of mine or knuckle down & get on with some printing and making. depending purely how long nap time is of course.
i've made a couple of new lampshades (yet to photograph). and these spring notelet bundles.
it's the evenings where i get second wind & carry on.
for now this system works rather well for us. i enjoy working on the odd commission, my stockists orders and creating new things without it being pressuring. i'm very lucky and blessed to have a fab supportive husband and who is super hands on with isla and the cooking! with us both working from home means we are all together just how we like it. 

with the start of a fresh new year, i felt it was time to clean & tidy a new workspace in the messy spare room! the room has been an absolute tip for goodness knows how long. it still isn't spotless but at least i have a tidy work area at one end for my things. it's not as bright as my old box art room (now isla's nursery) but it does feels super fab to have a room of my own again, to be able stretch out. it now means i can start on something and just leave everything out as is and go back to it later where as before i was sharing the dining table. 
my next blog instalment will be proof of this tidy workspace!