Tuesday, 28 January 2014

c a r v i n g . o u t

while little one sleeps..

: a work in progress : 
i've been playing around a bit with a new blockprint i carved recently {inspired by plenty of images on pinterest of yummy green succulent plants} it doesn't quite line up exactly how i planned it in my head. i've added more detail, circles and have had a go at printing the pattern onto fabric. i hope the repeat pattern design sits well on a lampshade. it's one i keep looking at and mumbling about to myself..hmm..
oh, i will just have to show you what i mean next time. 


  1. It looks gorgeous to me Hannah,
    does it have to perfectly line up to repeat? I love the happy mistakes in my printing and the miss registration by eye, it adds character and makes the artwork look more hand done. I think your lino cut would look gorgeous as a piece of artwork in it's own right on paper as a print, it reminds me of water and seaweed the type where you pop the bubbles! beautiful! x

    1. Hiya lisa, thanks for your feedback, I didn't even think of it in that way, as a print on its own or even if I were to print as a repeat pattern that it doesn't have to line up perfectly I have carved a bit more in hopes it fits better as a repeat but still stuck at the mo but after reading your fab comments it's made me think of trying printing it in a slightly different way to what I was aiming for, so thank you for that! Sometimes it takes other views and advice to see things clearly hehe xxx

  2. Lovely work indeed! My mother used to have a succulent garden on the front porch of our house, and this print looks just like the long, stringy sea-weedy ones that would try take over the concrete paths. :)