Wednesday, 19 February 2014

g a r d e n . b i r d s

grey green

light wedgewood blue

grey lemon and pink

this social media networking is pretty awesome isn't it?!
i finished carving this blockprint of mine recently - a group of garden birds.
however, when it came to choosing a colour to print in, i was completely stumped! 
as a test print i went for a bright green then a bold royal blue but it didn't really work for me. so i turned to my facebook followers for some inky help on this!
as you guys know, facebook is a pretty instant tool for asking questions and getting feedback.
it really helped & opened up ideas on which direction to go in. 

so these are the 3 colours i've rollered on and gone with :))
 : light wedgewood blue
 : grey with lemon & pink rolled through 
: grey-green 

a big thank you to lisa & kiran for your colour suggestion and input with this!

new : 'garden birds' original blockprint
now available from my etsy shop
with free p+p! 

han x

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