Sunday, 9 February 2014

s t r i n g . o f . p e a r l s

 {above images found via pinterest}

this block print of mine was inspired by the lovely bright green, trailing succulent plant; 'string of pearls' .

i carried on with carving a bit more of my printing block so i could use it as a repeat pattern, joining it up side by side and top to bottom for printing onto fabric to make ceiling and lampshades with. however, i'm still playing around with layout as it doesn't quite line up top and bottom as i'd liked. i was going to keep carving away but after kind feedback on here and on my instagram feed i didn't want to change it too much! so put down my tools! 
i didn't consider the design to be a print on it's own; one to frame and hang on the wall. i guess after concentrating my ideas to handprinting mainly cards and lampshades i forgot about seeing my work simply as a print or piece of artwork.

i hope to add these open edition block prints 'string of pearls' to my online etsy shop very soon!
crikey, i also hope that you like it!

han x