Thursday, 1 May 2014

s e n s i b l e . d a v e

 breakfast, elevens's and snack time will never be the same again...

 ...thanks to the yummy, morish 'sensible dave's granola'

my other half (my better half) has been working on some awesome branding and packaging for a range of delicious granolas produced by his friend dave.
 dave has been making this recipe for a long while now and has been serving it up to his guests who to stay at his hotel the new white lion a luxury hotel in mid-wales. 
he asked my david to come up with some box packaging for his product, with only the name "sensible dave" to go on.

 here's the bit where i bring out the trumpets and gush a little bit.

my husband david has been a busy man, working his socks off. for the past six months or so,
i've been watching him as he's been glued to the computer in our front room, with the sound of the constant tap-tap-tapping of the keyboard. the phone may as well of been attached to his ear. normally he's glued to the computer or laptop anyway but he's never been so enthused as he has been working on this exciting project. i know he works jolly hard but branding and packaging design was a completely new field for him to venture into. his background is i.t. so it's generally hard to see his achievements at the end of the day as nothing is 'visual' for anyone to see, so normally his tasks feel a little taken for granted, i guess. it's a normally a case of "can you fix this?" or "can you fix that?" *panic! panic! my internet doesn't work* however, his efforts working on this, well, are truly amazing. well done david, isla and i are very, very proud of you!

i giggle to myself as i know his response would be along the lines of "it's all thanks to working with an amazing team". 
and yes he's been working with a fab bunch of people who have brought his idea's to life and into action :))

the awesome imagery and illustations, you'll probably recognise, are the artworks by the talented lisa stubbs of lilsonnysky 
the brilliant graphic design works are by nicola moorhouse of the studio in the attic
and the fab website by james maiden of really green wordpress

the artwork for the 3 granolas are so much fun - so happy and bright! 
with ways to eat your granola, to dressing up your very own sensible dave cut-out on the back of the box.
 the lovely lisa in action here with her screen!

a real highlight for me was having the oportunity to visit lisa and help out with screen printing some sensible dave tea towels. 
after all these years of blogging and following lisa's work and her blog, it was so lovely to meet up with her in the print studio. it was such a great day trying out the screen printing process onto fabric. a completely new way of printing for me.
lisa makes it look like an easy, effortless job but it really isn't!! a whole day printing away was a real treat. i do hope to do some more printing with lisa again in the future. i might need to go on a course first though! the west yorkshire print workshop we used is a great place with all the printing facilities you need - wypw

my sensible dave isn't afraid of wearing a splash of pink ;0)

hopefully this has tempted you to try out this superb product and see for yourselves just how really good it is!

you can take a little cycle ride and check out sensible dave's website here 


and thank you for reading! x


  1. Ah Gorgeous post Hannah, your David is truly a hard worker and it's all payed off, you're photo's are wonderful! I'm extremely proud to be a part of the Sensible Dave team! it's been a fabulous experience! xxx

  2. Hannah these are so lovely, absolutely in LOVE with those illustrations. So nice of you show a project coming together and all it's different elements, so so interesting. Well done to you and your husband!! X