Monday, 6 October 2014

c l o u d . c u s h i o n s

hit with a sudden burst of inspiration to get carving, printing and making, i made some new cushions in the shape of happy, fluffy clouds.
maybe it's because i'm expecting again that thoughts have turned to designing and making for little ones. 
this time nearly two years ago, when i was carrying my first (i nearly wrote this time last year!) i made the 'dream cloud lampshade' so it's all turned cloud shaped again!

with the expected new addition to arrive with us early in the new year, we are now planning to move our little isla out of her little nursery into her new, i like to call it, 'big girl room'. i've yet to move all of my studio things elsewhere, so lots to shift like desks and boxes of materials first then it's the big job of decorating.
i've been pinning lots of room idea's and have the layout clearly mapped out in my head. only the repainting, carpeting etc to do! ha!
i've even found myself doing a spot of embroidery artwork to hang up in her new room. 
i just hope she will like the big move down the landing into the big bedroom. i will keep you posted on the room where are all my blocks, ink and fabric going to live?...

new cloud cushions can be found here x

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