Saturday, 26 September 2015

n o t h s

i'm very happy to announce that hanmade is now part of the UK's unique and exciting market place - 'not on the high street' !
my store is now 'live' & open! please feel free to hop over and have a browse  hanmadebyhannahmadden

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

b u l l f i n c h e s & b e r r i e s

 'bullfinches & berries' block-printed by hand ceiling and lampshades.

these three new designs - 'sea holly', 'queen anne's lace' and 'bullfinches & berries' can be found in my online shop on etsy - commissions are welcome, so please feel free to get in touch with your shade requirements. 

i n s p i r i n g

oh i could watch this video all day long...marthe armitage's work is truly beautiful, her designs and printing methods are brill. i simply love the fact she's doing everything by hand and yes there are 'imperfections' where you can see the joins of the pattern repeat but that is the beauty of printing by hand, it's unpolished and charming. for me this highlights just how much work and skill is involved in producing her colourful, intricate wallpapers.
 i hope i still feel as inspired to be block-printing by hand when i'm her age (and maybe even lucky to say my daughter works along side me!)  - she is an inspiration and i admire her talent immensely, what a clever lady she is.  

q u e e n . a n n e ' s . l a c e

here is another ceiling and lampshade design i recently made inspired by the beautiful and delicate plant, 'queen anne's lace' block-printed by hand in golden yellow.

if you would like this design in an alternative colour or drum size, please feel free to get in touch x

s e a . h o l l y

recently i've been working on designing and making some new ceiling and lampshade drums using repeat pattern blocks. this one is inspired by the sea holly plant.
block-printed by hand onto lovely natural cotton fabric and using eco friendly, water based inks. i choose to mix up a lovely smoky purple/blue colour. 

apologies for the poor quality snap at the bottom but i couldn't resist a smartie snap, photoboming on instagram and looking happy as always!

ceiling and lampshades are available to purchase through my etsy shop.
other colours and drum sizes are available on request x

f i s h . c u s h i o n s

another blog gap, whoops! 
trying to to juggle the creating, making, photographing, product uploading, selling, twittering, facebooking, istagraming and blogging along with family-ing x 

here's some designs i made back in june! after a lovely trip to pembrokeshire with my brood and my folks. we were blessed with gorgeous sunny days at the beach and when i returned home block-printed fishes came swimming out of my mind.

hand-printed in sea blue and coral red.
they make ideal gifts for little ones, adds a splash of colour to any nursery or bedroom ;)
they can be found in my etsy shop
 ( shop link can be found on side bar)