Thursday, 22 September 2016

m i m o s a

 mimosa lamp
 lamp accessories

 robin & wren
 flagon lamp details
goldfinches & teasel

a few new block printed lampshades inspired by later summer and autumn colours have been added to my on-line shops.

there's the second mimosa print i was on about in my previous post. still inspired by the green leafy plant i spotted at the butterfly zoo, only this time with a more contemporary feel to it.
it brings back memories of my 'olive leaf' design...

also new - my smaller glass bottle flagon table lamps! where the larger glass demijohn bases suit the larger 40 cm drums, these look great with my smaller 30 cm drums.
these up-cycled flagon lamps come with cream coloured flex/cord, beige switch & plug to compliment the natural cotton of the shade.

all lampshades and lamps are 'made to order' and can be hand printed in your desired colour ways.
if you would like a bespoke lampshade made to match your home decoration, please feel free to get in touch x

m i m o s a . l e a f

we had an awesome trip to a butterfly centre down in symonds yat a few weeks back - the very same place i went with my primary school in sussex back when i was 10! 
i think i loved the butterflies more than the children did. ethan didn't seem to mind them flittering and fluttering around us, isla liked them when they were stationary but not in flight! ha! so walking around the butterfly zoo was hilarious. there was me hoping one would land on me with isla freaking out in case one would! 
so we walking quickly out of there. 
the plants were gorgeous and loved them towering over us. one leafy plant caught my eye (on the way out!) and i simply had to get sketching and carving. i think it was a mimosa plant but couldn't be sure but that's the name of the new lampshade design. i loved the gappy pattern of the leaves, so much so i created a second design inspired by its shape, which i will post about next.

new 'mimosa leaf' drum now available on folksy - other colours are available on request x

h a n d p r i n t e d . b l o g

i was delighted to be approached by the fab team over at 'handprinted' to answer a few questions about my work and process to block printing. click here for a read x

d e m i j o h n

another whopping gap in my poor neglected blog!
trying to make and update things on here is proving tricky these days.
i always have that idea of doing some serious catching up by posting lots of entries in the evenings but then the evenings arrive and i'm pooped or too busy watching bake off!
ho-hum. stealing a few mins here and there while the little ones trash the living room.

here are some new additions to my online shops - these are available to purchase via not on the high street & folksy.
a fun, modern twist on old glass bottles; up-cycled demijohn glass bottle lamp bases. these work very well with my 40 cm drum lampshades.
i've used bright coloured flex/cord, switches and plugs to complement the lampshades-something a bit different which can also be changed to alternative colours for custom orders.
i've new smaller up-cycled glass bottles for my smaller 30 cm drums too. pictures of those coming soon...

please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a bespoke lamp.
they are all made to order and can be created in colours that suit your home interior.