Thursday, 22 September 2016

m i m o s a . l e a f

we had an awesome trip to a butterfly centre down in symonds yat a few weeks back - the very same place i went with my primary school in sussex back when i was 10! 
i think i loved the butterflies more than the children did. ethan didn't seem to mind them flittering and fluttering around us, isla liked them when they were stationary but not in flight! ha! so walking around the butterfly zoo was hilarious. there was me hoping one would land on me with isla freaking out in case one would! 
so we walking quickly out of there. 
the plants were gorgeous and loved them towering over us. one leafy plant caught my eye (on the way out!) and i simply had to get sketching and carving. i think it was a mimosa plant but couldn't be sure but that's the name of the new lampshade design. i loved the gappy pattern of the leaves, so much so i created a second design inspired by its shape, which i will post about next.

new 'mimosa leaf' drum now available on folksy - other colours are available on request x

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